Nutritional Yeast

Sounds disgusting?  Yep. But isn’t? Yep.

Is gluten and dairy free?  Yep.

This wonder ingredient is becoming increasingly popular on the culinary scene.  Usually grown on sugar cane and beet molasses, this is an inactive and ‘good’ yeast – similar to the kind found in bread products, but without the raising agent.   It usually comes in the form of flakes or a powder and is found in most health food shops or online (amazon have some good deals).

The flavour is hard to put your finger on; Salty? Nutty? Cheesey?  TASTY, ultimately.  It contains loads of that umami flavour (no not UNAGI, Friends fans), that is found in ingredients like cheese and cooked meat and so is a perfect addition to many vegan meals.

Not only is nutritional yeast tasty, it is also highly nutritious! Well what an extra bonus that is.   It excels in providing you with great things like fibre, vitamin B12 and folic acid, while also being naturally gluten and dairy free.   So, over all this ingredient is a real winner.

It can be added to so many dishes; just a tablespoon can really transform a dish.  In vegan cooking it is often used as a cheese replacement, such as my in my vegan herby risotto, or in cheese sauces..  It is also a perfect salt replacement for those looking to cut out salt as it contains absolutely no sodium, but loads of flavour.

Go on, give it a try! You will be hooked believe me.

INTERESTING FACT:  Nutritional yeast is also a dog’s best friend!  You can sprinkle it on top of your furry friend’s meals and they will get the benefit of extra vitamins and are sure to LOVE the taste. This one certainly did. (In small quantities).




9 thoughts on “Nutritional Yeast

  1. worldofcompassion says:

    I’ve heard all about nutritional yeast in the vegan community, but have yet to try it! Definitely will soon, thanks to your post 🙂 Had no idea dogs could eat it, how cute!


    • chiaandrye says:

      Definitely give it a go! I was a bit dubious at first, but was soon won over & now have been known to eat straight from the jar… not sure if that is normal!! Yes my dog loves it! It’s also great if a dog has lost their appetite, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast on their food seems to spark it back up again & I think the same goes for our feline friends too!


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